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Support React 16

AlloyEditor can now be overlayed on top of React 16

Bug fixes

Several bug fixes


Bridge Plugins enabled by default

AlloyEditor Bridge plugins that allow you to use CKEditor plugins are now enabled by default

Fixed several issues

Fixed some issues related to languages and focus selection


New getButtons API

Added a `getButtons` method to easily discover available buttons!

Fixed several bug

Fixed many bug to improve general stability


Performance in large documents

Fixed a bug degrading performance in large documents

Autolink for urls with '-'

Fixed the autolink plugin to work with urls containing a '-' character

Imposible to enter URL in IE

Fixed an issue that was preventing to set the URL when editing a link in IE


Supports Edge

AlloyEditor now officially supports Microsoft Edge.

CKEditor was updated to v4.6.0

CKEditor engine has been updated to v4.6.0.

Additional CKEditor Plugin Support

You can now use CKEditor's plugins using the MenuButton API such as SpellChecker and Language!

Open links in new tab

You can now use Ctrl/Cmd + Click to open links inside AlloyEditor in a new tab!

Bug Fixes

Addressed several bug fixes related to image resizing, missing translations, url edition and placeholder state among others.


Configurable resize behaviour

The dragresize plugin can now be configured using the `imageScaleResize` attribute to define how the image attributes should change when resizing it. This will also affect which resize handles are available depending on the configuration.

Bug fixes

Fixed a bug with the Placeholder plugin that caused it to show the placeholder helper for a brief period of time even if the editor contained data.

Configurable LinkEditButton

The `LinkEditButton` accepts now an option (`showTargetSelector`) to configure if the link target selector dropdown should appear or not.


Bugfixes and enhancements

Various bugfixes and enhancements: Fixed toolbar rendering issues, button style documentation, images resizing in Firefox, passing link targets button config ButtonTargetList.


Properly release resources

Fixed issue with detaching events registered via CKEditor's API. The issue would cause the following exception on destroying the editor "Uncaught TypeError Cannot read property 'getRanges' of null". Fixed an issue that would cause the image resize markers to be still present even when the editor was destroyed.

Fire `beforeImageAdd` event in buttom-image too

ButtonImage will fire `beforeImageAdd` event too


Properly position embedded media toolbar

If page is scrolled, the embedded media toolbar will be positioned improperly. To fix that, scrollTop and scrollLeft properties were involved in toobar's position calculation.


Improve embedding media

Embedding media has been improved and now it allows removal of the widgets using the keyboard. In addition, a new button has been added, which allows trashing embedded content.

CKEditor was updated to v4.5.9

CKEditor was updated to v4.5.9 and a bug, which was preventing the usage of CKEditor buttons in multiple AlloyEditor instances was fixed.

Convert mail link

The button for adding link has been improved and now it recognizes mail links. Entering `me@example.com` will be converted to `mailto:me@example.com`. Thanks to Matthew Leffler for his awesome contribution!

Adding images fires `beforeImageAdd` event

On adding images via paste or Drag&Drop, before to append the image to the content, a `beforeImageAdd` event will be fired. The developer may subscribe to it and cancel it, this will prevent adding the image to the content.


New buttons and plugins

Added two new buttons - "indent" and "outdent". Added a plugin to create automatically ordered and unordered lists.

Accessibility and UX improvements

Added support for keyboard navigation in link autocomplete. Table removing icon was changed.


A new way for configuring the buttons

A single button can be configured without the requirement the whole toolbars configuration to be overwritten too. For that purpose, there is a new configuration property, called 'buttonCfg'.

Adding links via AutoComplete

The user is now able to add links using AutoComplete. This feature was contributed by Matthew Leffler.

Fixed numerous bug

A number of bug have been fixed, most of them related to the usability of the editor.


The API reached a stable version

After almost two years of releasing versions below 1.0, the moment for releasing a stable version of the API has arrived. Since v.1.0.0 the established ways of communicating with CKEditor's engine, emitting events and receiving properties will be locked. Version 1.0 guarantees stability and full backward compatibility in all further 1.x releases.

A new button for embedding media

AlloyEditor is now able to embed media files such as videos, tweets and presentations and many others. The service is provided by IFramely, which means you will be able to embed content for huge set of domains. Please refer to their page for more information and terms of usage.

Cmd-L opens the Link Dialog

Adding a link is now possible directly from the keyboard by pressing Cmd-L (or Ctrl-L in Windows).

Fixed numerous bug

A number of bug have been fixed, most of them related to the usability of the editor.


Bug Fixes

Properly updated bower package with AlloyEditor version.


Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue with detecting user language. Replaced `minify-css` package (it has been deprecated) with `cssnano`.


Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue with requiring AlloyEditor on the server. On the server, when requiring `alloyeditor`, the default script will be now `alloy-editor-no-react.js`.


Created a guide, which shows how to create a React component and render the content on the server and to create an instance of AlloyEditor in the browser.


Bug Fixes

If React is not defined on the global space, AlloyEditor will try to require it via the `require` function.


Link creating button is now able to set link target

When user creates or edits a link, now there is a possibility to set link's target (blank, self, etc)

Link creating button advances the cursor after the created link

After creating a link, the cursor will be advanced after the link. This provides better UX.

Updated to CKEditor's engine 4.5.5

CKEDIOR's engine has been updated to 4.5.5, which fixes an issue with destroying CKEDITOR's instance immediately after creation.

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue with destroying the instance of the editor too early, fixed an issue with initializing AlloyEditor's plugins when CKEditor's are present

New autolinkAdd event

A new event, called autolinkAdd will be fired when AlloyEditor creates a link automatically

YUI's UI removed

In this version the old YUI UI has been completely removed.


Supports React 0.14

AlloyEditor has been updated to support React 0.14 and the separation between React and ReactDOM.

Works in GitHub Electron

After heavily discussing all the possibilities to make it working with Electron, we finally did it! Since version 0.7, AlloyEditor loads fine in Electron.

Works with Browserify

Another highly requested feature was to make it working with Browserify. This became possible in version 0.7

New editorUpdate event

AlloyEditor now notifies the outside world about state changes so other non-react apps could be seamlessly integrated.

Bug Fixes

Some bugfixes and improvements like centering the toolbar when the selection is an image or a table, hiding the toolbars after destroying and recreating the editor.


Image centering

Adds a new button for centering images. This button was contributed by Evan Francis (thanks!)

Bug Fixes

Fixes issues related to keeping the toolbar in the view and handling contenteditable property on destroying the editor. Thanks to Damien Pobel and Matthew Leffler for the contributions!


Bug Fixes

Fixes an issue with using non-bundled version of React


Bug Fixes

Fixes an issue with the minimized dist files

Documentation updates

Properly documents the regexBasePath property in AlloyEditor class


AlloyEditor On The Server

AlloyEditor can now be used safely in Node.js environments

Bug Fixes

Fixes an issue regarding errors if the editor has no focus


Better npm Packaging

Better compliance with npm packaging. Added main attribute


CKEditor Plugin Support

You can now use almost every CKEditor plugin out of the box!

Improved Skin Infrastructure

Creates a new skin infrastructure, more extensible and component-based

Atlas Skin

Adds a new Atlas skin

Bug Fixes

Fixes several issues

CKEditor 4.5.1

Updates to the latest CKEditor version


Bug Fixes

Fixes an issue relating to the image button


Simpler CSS Prefix

Simplifies css alloy-editor prefix to use ae instead


Table Headings

Adds support and a new button to control the heading style inside a table

Editor Version

You can now easily check the editor version being used

Bug Fixes

Fixes issues relating to the UI disappearing in some scenarios

Better Language Support

It is now possible to incrementally update lang files


Better Test Infrastructure

Improves test infrastructure and adds new tests

Compiled With Babel

AlloyEditor React UI is now compiled using Babel


Bug Fixes

Fixes several issues relating to API and CSS undesired effects

Updated Dependencies

Updates project dependencies and adds a breaking changes file

Improved Skin Infrastructure

Separates color and font definitions to a different file


Bower Component

AlloyEditor is now published as a Bower Component


Paste Images

You can now paste images directly from your clipboard!

Simpler Distribution Folder

Simplifies the distribution folder structure


Bug Fixes

Fixes an issue where the editor does not set 'contenteditable' properly


Internationalization Support

You can now use AlloyEditor in your own language

Screen Reader Support

Improves support for screen readers

Bug Fixes

Fixes several issues regarding to inconsistent UI behaviours


Bug Fixes

Fixes an issue regarding to the toolbar position when using Bootstrap

Travis & SauceLabs

Updates SauceLabs configuration to properly connect with Travis


React UI

Adds a new default UI based on React

Tables, Styles, Images…

Introduces many new buttons to add tables, styles, images from camera…


Bug Fixes

Fixes an issue regarding pasting content


Image Drop

You can now directly use the generated dom element after dropping an image

Debounce Detach

Renames the cancel method in 'Debounce' to 'detach' instead

CKEditor 4.4.5

Updates to the latest CKEditor version


ARIA and Keyboard Support

Adds basic ARIA and keyboard support for toolbars and buttons


Skin support

You can now create and use different skins

Button Configuration

Allows buttons to receive complex configuration objects

Bug Fixes

Fixes several issues


LGPL license

AlloyEditor is now licensed under LGPL instead of MIT