A modern WYSIWYG editor built on top of CKEDITOR, designed to create modern and gorgeous web content.

Supported browsers: IE11, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari

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The core is separated from the UI

The main idea behind the editor is to fully separate the core from the UI. And not only to separate it, but to allow people to easily add new Buttons and Toolbars or event to create a completely new UI based on a different Framework or even vanilla JavaScript.

The core AlloyEditor uses CKEditor under the hood to deal with the editable content.This means the existing CKEditor plugins can be reused.

So many things to do!

AlloyEditor comes out of the box with as much editing power as you'll probably ever need, but we plan to keep on adding new features so you can edit your content in any way you can imagine.

Community Powered In addition to the out of the box options, AlloyEditor you can easily leverage any of the existing functionality and plugins developed for CKEditor.

We love writing

In the AlloyEditor team, we believe the content is the king, and so, we want to create a simple user interface where what you write is all that really matters.

After years of suffering bloated and outdated user interfaces, AlloyEditor will turn any Web editing moment into a peaceful experience.


"The new AlloyEditor is so intuitive, simple, and useful that you won't realize you are actually using an editor. Just focus on the content while AlloyEditor takes care of all the rest."

— Sergio González, Collaboration Lead, Liferay Inc.