How to create your buttons, skins, toolbars and UI!

Create Buttons

If you run the editor with the default UI, which is written in React, then adding a button will be straightforward. Buttons are standard React classes. For your convenience, there is also a number of mixins, which you can use that provide basic functionality out of the box. Then, use CKEditor's API to do style the content and that is it!

Please, check our Create Buttons Guide!

Create Skins

AlloyEditor bundles a couple of gorgeus skins that you can use out of the box. However, if you need a better integration with your app's look and feel, you can easily create your own skin.

Please, check our Create Skins Guide!

Create Toolbars

Adding a new toolbar is also as straightforward as adding a button.

Please, check our Create Toolbars Guide!

Create UI

You don't like React? You prefer jQuery? Or you are JavaScript ninja and prefer writing vanilla JS? Welcome on board. You'll see how straightforward it is to create a whole new UI for AlloyEditor.

Please, check our Create Toolbars Guide!

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